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Exercise – A Good, Healthy Way to Improve Your Life

by | Oct 4, 2020 | Health

Exercise and Healthy Life

Life can get in the way of exercise, if we let it.

My name is Debbie Swofford. I’m a grandma, RN (active license in retirement mode), quilter, gardener and experimenter in the kitchen. I also like to be active and i am striving to maintain good health. We are all well aware that exercise does more for our strength, brain and gut than almost anything else. Just Google to see. But it is easy to forget. Life gets in the way.

Except, exercise may mean life!  Experts agree less is better than none, when it comes to exercise, a very recent study suggests 15 minutes of intense exercise where you get your heart rate to 80% of its maximum capacity has even more marvelous benefits[1].

One more study, not so recent, 2013, but well substantiated: A study of twins over 30 years by Finnish researchers concluded that activity improves mitochondrial cell function. Mitochondria are the power houses of energy, producers of ATP, adenosine triphosphate. They have tested improvements in brain function, cognition, increased insulin sensitivity and more.

I’ve learned that when I go through periods of no exercise, everything slides for me. My sleep, my level of positivity and ability to cope is impacted and not for the better. When I think, “Oh! I need to get moving,” I can see the difference in just a few days. I’ve done a lot of different forms of exercise in my life—ballet, aerobics, skiing (water and snow) and cycling.

“Cross Training”- Exercise My Style

Now, in my ‘60’s, I like walking, cross training where I make up my own workout or yardwork.  I like to close the exercise rings on my Apple watch. What a taskmaster. Walking can be social, and it feels good to get outside. “Cross training” my style, is quick to do, and yard work has three benefits—beauty, fitness, and fresh produce!Gardening is good exercise and has other healthy benefits.


What is your exercise story? What exercise works for you? If you are in the camp of exercise objectors, what small steps would you consider to improve your quality of life?

Adding exercise of any kind is good for us. And Goodness Matters!

[2] Finnish researchers analyzed metabolisms of seven identical and nine fraternal twin pairs, ages 50 to 74, in which one twin was active and the other was inactive for over 30 years. They then compared the metabolic profiles of 1,036 active people to those of age- and sex-matched inactive people to see whether the differences between the active and inactive twins played out in the wider population.


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