People, events, and the constancy of kind hearts, beautiful service, and positive choices.


Nature is a beautiful contributor to the betterment of humankind.


Inspiration comes in many forms and is always a boost to our day!


A sense of humor can get us through a lot of tough situations.


There are perfect to lift us, teach, bring happiness & comfort, or make us laugh!


A helping hand for even small, and simple, tasks can make a world of difference.


I’ve spent a lot of years as a songwriter, producer, & vocalist. What a great gift it’s been! Music can lift my spirits in about 15 seconds. It brings me peace when I need it. Sometimes a rowdy, happy tune I can ‘rock out’ to in my car is just what the doctor ordered. I’ve spent a lot of time writing songs, & in the studio ‘bringing them to life.’ So much good fun!

This page includes three CDs of my more spiritual music. They were inspiring to create & they helped build my faith. We’ll add tunes from other sources… some your favorites by fave artists. Please send an email to let me know what ‘inspiring music’ means to you so we can add to the collection. Some of my music is available here in download format…I guess you could think vTunes instead of iTunes!

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