People, events, and the constancy of kind hearts, beautiful service, and positive choices.


Nature is a beautiful contributor to the betterment of humankind.


Inspiration comes in many forms and is always a boost to our day!


A sense of humor can get us through a lot of tough situations.


There are perfect to lift us, teach, bring happiness & comfort, or make us laugh!


A helping hand for even small, and simple, tasks can make a world of difference.

Our Mission

Every single “one” matters. Just like the Starfish Principle. In small, simple ways we can shine a great light in a darkening world. Through technological means we’re gathering goodness in a central location – right here on the web. Through connecting with people who need that light and hope, inviting those who want to share inspiration or compassion, and working with people and companies who desire to grow goodness, we will connect and implement events, service projects, and inspirational creativity to shine the light of goodness and power of hope.

We hope this is your place to find inspiration and hope as we share good values.

  • Nature’s serenity.
  • A pop of energizing laughter.
  • Relief from worries by seeing just the right blog post or quote.

If you’ll pass along things that lift you, many other “ones” can be helped too! Come share it with us!

Starfish Principle

A beach was covered with starfish, dying. A little child walked along, picking them up one at a time and tossing them back into the sea. A man watched for a time – then approached and said,

“Why are you doing this? You can never save all these starfish. It doesn’t matter.”

She looked up at him and, with a starfish in her hand said,

“It matters to this one.”

Then she tossed it into the water for safety.

It Matters To The One

We can say and do things that may be small but may make all the difference to one person. That’s worth a whole lot. It is what inspired the entire Goodness Matters platform. We post pictures, stories, and memes that might just help somebody have a better day. It is our hope you’ll return often, and share the good that you find with your family and friends! You might never know the impact you’ll have by simply trying to brighten someone’s day, but could make all the difference.

 There’s a huge, silent, majority who are passing along good things every day; who want to grow it like a giant tree with branches that cover our world. Goodness Matters is a place to celebrate it and pass it on. In our digital era, it is easier than ever to “share” the positive videos, photos, and news stories you find. While many might benefit from our combined efforts, we did it for the one.

Because goodness matters!

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