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Some Fun Places To Go Online

by | May 2, 2020 | Fun, Humor

Take a Mini Vacation Online

These days we can take a mini vacation – for a while, anyway- sitting in front of our computer. There are some fun, cheery places to go online and take a break from the stresses, bother, or blandness of any given day. How cool is that? Plus, it’s lots cheaper than flying or paying to fill the car’s tank with gas.

Some days this brings me huge relief. As an example:
Monday I worked with a loving heart and positive attitude to completely clean up my kitchen. I washed a lot of dishes by hand [Too many of them], finished filling the dishwasher, and cleaned down the counters.  As a finishing act, I pulled out a container of – something or other covered in cream sauce… I think it was chicken, and poured it into the disposal.

This is when the day turned ugly.

There are dangers lurking in the kitchen. On the opposite side of the double sink – the non disposal one- I had my own personal Ol’ Faithful explosion. People – it had to be seen to be believed. Lots of ground up, nasty looking grey matter flew into my face and hair. It shot up and over my body, covering my entire backside- shirt and capri pants with this goo. Both arms were covered. It splatted all over the floor, covered much of the dishwasher, and went EVERYWHERE.I grabbed a few towels and tried cleaning. But it was too much, too soon.

The Dangers lurking in the Kitchen

I was in shock. My daughter was rolling around laughing. I stood there, not moving, like some strange creature from the black lagoon…except smellier. Once the shock was past, I took off for the shower, fully clothed. It was the only way to scrape the mess off them!
It’s a long story. I’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg here. But you get the point.

Some days, you just need a mini-vacation. Yes, it’s a laugh a minute at our house. So, once I was cleaned up and calmed down, into the office and online I went. For a break!

Since this kind of thing happens often, I’m kind of an expert on finding silly, funny, or uplifting things online. 🙂  Because I can also find a picture that brings inspiration, a quote that makes me smile, or a photo that increases gratitude, my online spaces of Goodness Matters have been balm for my own soul many times. As well as those pictures that take me away from kitchen explosions or broken dryers, worried over children, or a thousand other things that send me of a momentary, much needed vacation!

Here are a few fun place to take your mini trip:

Freedom on the Beach

Adventures in Reading!


Enjoy old photos

Find a nature photo site


 Simple ways to take a break and get a breather!

Maybe this will serve as a small means of getting your creative juices flowing. Enjoy hunting around the Internet, in search of the perfect little ways of having some fun. The really neat secret is that, even if nothing is exactly what you’re looking for, the exercise of fingers on the keyboard will have offered you a nice break. And you can count that keyboard as a workout. We won’t tell!

A simple dimple way to add a bit of goodness to the day. On some days more than others, that Goodness Matters!







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