People, events, and the constancy of kind hearts, beautiful service, and positive choices.


Nature is a beautiful contributor to the betterment of humankind.


Inspiration comes in many forms and is always a boost to our day!


A sense of humor can get us through a lot of tough situations.


There are perfect to lift us, teach, bring happiness & comfort, or make us laugh!


A helping hand for even small, and simple, tasks can make a world of difference.

A Good Youth Who GETS It

A Good Youth Who GETS It

She’s a good young woman. She gets it. That’s why, despite some really bothersome [and that’s saying it nicely] physical issues and a crazy- busy schedule, she finds time to help other people.

It’s ingrained in her, like a service-minded genetic imprint that has manifested itself since she was old enough to talk and understand.
Two years ago she started a Teen Service Group. She has spearheaded all kinds of good events and projects. She and her friends have made baby quilts for a safety house for women. They’ve collected toys for a local school, as a Christmas helper project. They have repeatedly visited a nursing home to talk with and bring joy to the residents there.

Doing Good to Make the World a Better Place

She has gathered a jaw- dropping amount of toys and other Christmas presents for a Homeless Shelter. An upcoming plan includes writing to military men and women, to boost their morale and lift their spirits. She and her friends have come up with simple, happy ways of making the world a better place.
There are so many good things to do in this world. But some folks wait for The Other Guy to instigate some kind of event or project. She doesn’t. Despite what’s going on in her own life, there is somehow time for turning an idea into a means of offering service to someone less fortunate.  Maybe she inherently understands the beautiful words of Mother Teresa:

I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts,  then there is no more hurt, but only love

The key is not biting off more than she can chew. She figured small projects were better than none. So small is where she began. It continues to be the way she operates. Good for her. It will continue to grow and bring joy to the ones who can use a hand up in their lives.

Doing good, she has figured out, doesn’t need to be BIG to count. It just needs to begin where we are!

She’s like a lighthouse

This gal has a heart as caring as they come. She moves beyond her physical aches, pains and diseases to shine a light for others. She’s magnificant. She’s my oldest granddaughter. She’d die of embarrassment if I included a photo, so I won’t add one. But you know what?
She is inspirational to me. She’s a blessing. Biased or not, she rocks. She gets it. She’s one of the Good Youth in the world! We need goodness wherever we can find it and grow it.

Because Goodness Matters. And she knows it!

Because I Have Eyes To See

Because I Have Eyes To See


Since these eyes are dealing with disease that slowly robs me of sight, I’ve spent a lot of time pondering over the blessing of what I can see. Where, at one time, I may have  casually seen things in passing,  it’s no longer that simple. With the illness, this whole sight gift is more beautiful, full, and awesome than ever.  So for today’s post, I will sneak in beautiful photos of some of the treats available for the looking…
Just a smattering of visual delights that we enjoy with our eyes.

Beautiful Flowers to See

Beautiful Flowers

The world is full of Mother Nature’s glory. Will I remember to hone in and appreciate all She offers? I hope so. Flowers are amazing. Intricate, delicate, colorful and living testaments to God’s creation. I’d best enjoy it to the fullest – every day I’m able!

Beauty of nature's flowers

Beauty of nature’s  flowers and the sunrise

I don’t want to take anything for granted. Not one smile. Not looking into the shining eyes of a loved one. Not one perfect flower or jaw-droppingly beautiful sunset. Not one huge moon. Nothing. Because I have come to joyfully appreciate that I can still see things.
Like the red moon the first of this week. What a heart stopping gift to see! Any moon in the night sky is a perfect one to enjoy. The glories of Mother Nature are simply awesome.

A Perfect Moon in the sky

A Perfect Moon in the Sky

“Take time to smell the roses” is a good suggestion. I also offer taking time to really “See” all the thing that are in perfect view. They’re worth looking at and feeling. Yes, there is a feeling of goodness in nature.  A sincerely appreciated side affect is that, for me, it has taken away the sting of severe glaucoma and offered me a quiet, sweet appreciation for ALL the gifts of God. All the tending people take for the beautification of their yards and gardens. All the natural beauty freely offered. But sometimes, for all of us, not noticed.


I try to remember that we are loved and compensated when we keep our faith. I remember that His eye is on the sparrow, and He watches me. Can I always remember that when things get truly hard – as they do from time to time for all of us- that there is balm and peace in seeing the beauties around us? There is peace in graceful nature. Will I remember? I hope so!

Peace in Nature


We can be steered through the tough times and have the weight of the problem carried. It will probably not disappear, but energy comes in unexpected, different ways.  One is as easy as noticing the beauty so we may receive the calming it offers.  I have begun to see that sight is more than what I visualize with my mortal eyes. It’s what I process in my heart. And that increased gratitude inside my soul can magnify the beauties right in front of my eyes.  I’d best notice!

Family at a Color Festival

Family at a Color Festival

A picture of beloved family members is a treasure. It reminds me of their happy times, and adds to my metal memory file.

I probably need to state here that sharing  my personal stuff today is a celebration. It doesn’t sound like it, right? Here’s what it is so- regardless of what I deal with or what comes my way, I don’t have to do it alone. There is heavenly help close by to uplift me, to help me through, to grant me peace and to remind me of all the blessings still available.

Look at my daughter and two of her daughters having a blast at the Color Festival! These are faces worth celebrating! The perspective I have of years worth of smiles, laughter, tears and sorrow are etched in my heart. I see it all. And I see it without the use of my physical eyes.

It’s the little tweaking of attitude that is given [I don’t think I’m brave enough or well enough equipped to come up with it on my own] to keep me above the waves that might overwhelm, and delighting – much of the time- in the possibilities rather than limitations. Noticing the entire field of flowers and making grateful note of the single one when I make effort to really LOOK.

Happy Flowers

Happy Flowers

I’m hoping my thoughts are worth sharing so that it helps someone who is going though their own Hard Trial now. Maybe it’s you. I Don’t Want To Take Anything For Granted. Ever Again.  Every single day gives me the chance to see drops on a single pedal of a single sweet flower. I get to Face Time with my daughter and see their family smiles and fun, silly faces. Their beautiful eyes and talking-with-hands hands! I’m able to see- as often as they can make it possible- the faces of all my kids and their families. Joyful stuff! Because I have other hard issues and I know you do, too, I write these things today to remind myself and you. We can do hard things. We just have to keep at it, and look for the goodness. Let’s encourage and inspire each other. Let’s remind others to REMEMBER and appreciate what we have.  You want me to pray for you or think positive thoughts about you? Let me know and it will be done. I know we can help each other when we have eyes to see. Again, I’m not talking the physical eyes, but the heart, mind and intent to find and share goodness and love.

Sweet Loving Hands

Sweet Loving Hands

If I choose and accept heavenly tending, my faith is always going to be stronger than any difficulty that comes my way.  That is comforting and sweet, and blesses to SEE in new, better ways.  Now, as a grandmother, I understand the beauty of “aged” hands. They have held and comforted and been comforted. They’ve rocked and tended sick children. They’ve held on to loved ones when they needed strength. They’ve received so much love and worked a lot of hours, and gained beautiful experience. Now I jusst need to keep looking at what is areound me. And looking on the inside, to remember the things that are most beautiful. Most worth using my eyes to see. Such goodness.

And goodness matters.  It really does.

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